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Breathtaking Himalaya

If your english is good and you are up for an authentic indian and spiritual adventure Rishikesh is the place to go.

Located in the nord at the border of the Himalayas and at the banks of the green Ganga river, it can hardly get more spectacular!

I have spend loads of time in Rishikesh, many months doing all my yoga-trainings here in an asram with my guru. So I know this precious gem of a town pretty well.

Yearly I feel an urge escape my western material  lifestyle and dive into being introspective.

Do asram-living, join the international yogafestival with teachers from all over the world and experience the authentic yogic atmosphere everywhere we go.

 Also the colourful Holi festival is amazing.

Loads of colour-powder is spread everywhere by the crowds celebrating the victory of good over evil!



Rishikesh - a spiritual melting pot

Rishikesh is called the Mother Town of yoga and is considered as the Yoga Capital of the World.

This ancient town is situated on the banks of the great lifeline, the river Ganga in the foothills of the spectacular Himalaya mountains in the state of Uttarakhand.

This town has for thousands of years been the home of several mythical saints and great rishis and has lead  seekers, pilgrims, holy men, sages and yogis to come

and experience the spiritual energy and atmosphere you find everywhere here.

The town is divided by the Ganga River, connected by the two famous bridges Ram Jhula and Laxman Jhula. from where you have spectacular views of the river and mountains.

Here are uncountable yoga schools, some definitely more established than others,-  some in big Asrams,

some in small shacks at the banks of Ganga.

Loads of stalls selling fruits, clothes and a mind-blowing selection of rare religious accessories.

You also find Ayurveda clinics, health stores, small indian cafes, restaurants and loads of private meeting points for seekers of all kind.

At the brinck of Ganga and in all the streets you see the sadhus, the holy men, - spiritual seekers owning nothing but their walking stick and the clothes they wear.

On the main road more fancy shops selling trekking, river rafting trips, road and hiking trips etc. have over the last years started to pop up, contributing to a glorious big melting pot. Here you will never run out of a spiritual or fascinating adventures.

And what is so refreshing about it all is that it is all truly Indian. No western chain coffee shops, burger bars etc. has founds it´s way to Rishikesh yet, - such a big relief if you are a traveller of more unconventional trails.


The yoga festival and asram living

Living in the asram we have days of original asram schedule and lifestyle the famous Parmarth Niketan Asram is the place to go. With it´s more than 1000 rooms it is the most visited Asram in town.

Here you will find daily yoga, prayers, meditations, satsangs, lecture programs, fire pudja´s  along with  all kinds of Ayurvedic treatments and astrologi.

On the property are lovely lush restorative gardens full of flowers, holy statues and ponds.

Such a peaceful, healing and sacred atmosphere everywhere you go. Many nights you can join the wonderful Ganga aarti ceremony at the river along with both monk kids and adults plus the citizens of Rishikesh.

Each year  Parmarth Niketan hosts the big international yoga festival with yogis, great teachers, authors, musicians and more joining from all corners

of the world. A sparkeling and wonderful experience!

Teachers and spiritual masters who has hosted events:

Kia Miller, Yog Rishi Viskvetu, Gurmuhk, Anand Mehrotra, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Mooji, Jack Kornfield amongst others.

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